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June 29, 2017

Harry Potter Themed Scarecrow

If you’ve visited our Stockton Heath office recently, you may have noticed a new member of our team sat outside. No, Stu hasn’t lost his hair! The gruesome looking character was our Harry Potter themed entry for the annual Stockton Heath Festival, Scarecrow Challenge.

Kicking off the Project

Following the Harry Potter brief, we first had to decide on a character. With lots of Hagrids appearing in the village, we stepped outside of the box and settled on Dobby (the elf). Caring and trustworthy, there was no better fit for MaD.

Harry Potter Dobby


Stage 1

Using chicken wire, we moulded two different frames: the head and the body. Once completed, each frame was cable tied together to create the silhouette.

Cost – £5.99

Time – 30 Mins

chicken wire


Stage 2
The Build
paper mache

Once all of the structural work was complete, it was time to get messy with paper mache.

The paper mache took up more time (and PVA glue) than we expected, so we focused on making the head the star feature.

Cost – Free

Time – 30 Mins


Stage 3
Features and Painting

Once the paper mache had dried, it was time to start adding details onto the head. Card was used for the shape of the ears and scrunched up newspaper for all of the remaining facial features.

It was then time to bring Dobby to life with some colour. A few Youtube tutorials on ‘how to contour with acrylic paint’ and we were nearly there! We sacrificed our best bedsheets to create his signature costume and stuffed some less-than-appealing ivory tights with newspaper to create his limbs.

Cost – £10.00

Time – 1 Hour



Stage 4
The End Result

Harry Potter model final result

This project was a great challenge to test our creative skills, and patience. Now the waiting begins, we’re hoping for a good outcome *fingers crossed*.

Total cost – £15.99 Total time – 2 Hours


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