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  • MaD Lab

    We collaborate with staff and students to energise your communications and produce powerful marketing strategies. A MaD Lab session is a great way for staff and students to communicate their ideas to our designers.

  • MaD Media Hubs

    In an increasingly digital world the need to be media savvy is crucial. We recognise the importance of equipping students with the necessary skills to embrace the digital revolution and to seize the opportunities that exist to work in the expanding creative and digital industries.

A valuable learning experience

Whether we’re creating a logo, prospectus or inspirational film, our MaDLaB provides an exciting opportunity for your staff and students to get involved in the creative process. We engage with a team of staff and students from your school at the UK’s first school media laboratory to energise  your projects, provide a valuable learning experience and an insight into the unique personality of your school which serves as a springboard to your future marketing success.

MediaHubs from MaD

We form a unique MediaHub within your school where a team of pupils work alongside the MaD professionals to produce exciting digital content that showcases your School to the outside world through video, social media and the web.

See a MediaHub example here